Program Updates

Customers often feel that they are required to use the software pre-installed on their PC or that they have to purchase software to get something worthwhile. Well, in most cases, that is simply untrue. There are thousands of applications out there (many for free) that will provide comparable (and often superior) alternatives to the software you use daily.

One such example is Internet Explorer. With nearly half of online users browsing with Internet Explorer, it’s painfully obvious that most still feel “bound” to the browser due to it’s default presence in Windows operating systems. The truth is, Firefox and Chrome both offer more features and a better browsing experience than IE. So, take our advice and try some alternatives. You may just find that you’ve been missing out.

Kore Solutions recommends the following applications for everyday use:

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1.
Productivity: OpenOffice or Microsoft Office 2010/2013
Web Browsing: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
Protection/Security: Avira Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avast!
Media Playback: VLC Player
CD Burning: CDBurnerXP
PDF Viewing: Adobe Acrobat XI or Fox-It Reader

And we feel it’s not only important to have the right application, but to also have the latest version. So, click the images below to get the latest updates for the following applications (hover over image to see name of application).