Remote Login

teamviewer remote login

We offer a wide array of solutions via remote login. From virus removal and computer optimization to hardware setup and software training, we can accomplish a lot without having to physically be in touch with your computer. This provides your with the tremendous convenience of being able to leave your PC at home, hooked up and running. No more unplugging things, lugging the computer to a shop, and getting it back only to find that you don’t remember what plug went where or (worse yet) that the problem you had is still there. Remote login allows us to see your issues in their native state, so we can address issues without having to replicate them at our shop.

And you might be wondering about safety and security. I mean, how safe can it be to have your computer so easily accessible remotely? Well, the truth is that it’s very safe and secure because you control everything. We use Teamviewer QuickSupport, which will only run when you command it to, preventing your machine from being viewable all day long. Also, the application generates a unique password each time it is started, preventing previous connection details from allowing someone to login to your machine again. And Teamviewer uses 2048 RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption to ensure that no one can view your connection stream when we’re connected….not even the teamviewer servers themselves.


Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Teamviewer QuickSupport App below.
  • If prompted to Run or Save, run the application.
  • A screen will popup after a few seconds giving you a unique ID and Password.
  • Call or Text us with that information and let us know a good time to login.
  • We’ll login and take care of everything while you watch (if you choose to).
  • That’s it….it’s that simple.


So what’s required?

  • You must have a healthy, active internet connection. We’re using the internet to access your computer, so you need to be online.
  • You must have the teamviewer application open. Don’t just open it, get the ID and Password, and then close the app. Leave it open.
  • Your computer needs to be “awake”. If you have sleep mode enabled, make sure that you have the PC awake when we log in.
  • We may need to know your password to login to Windows. This isn’t always required, but might be if deep repairs are needed.
  • And it needs to be something repairable remotely. If you computer has a bad hard drive or won’t boot or cracked screen, we can’t fix that remotely.
  • So to recap…make sure you’re online, teamviewer is running, and the computer is awake…..that’s it. Easy, right?


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